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         Site map
          Site map

        1、about BAOHANG
           1.1company introduction 1.2General manager address 1.3company organization 1.4mission and value

        2、baohang business
           2.1sea transportation 2.2air transportation 2.3appropriative roadway transportation (container) 2.4roadway transportation for general cargo 2.5multi transportation 2.6 consol box 2.7special container 2.8freezer container 2.9Extension container transport 2.10customs clearance and inspection 2.11bond warehouse 2.12cargo insurance 2.13logistics consultation 2.14logistics solution

        3、news conter
           3.1logistics information

        4、online service
           4.1leave message 4.2online booking 4.3cargo tracing

        5、our partner
           5.1internal logistics network 5.2international logisticsnetwork 5.3our customer 5.4advantage strategic resource 5.5sincere invitation

        6、contact us
           6.1contact us 6.2leave message